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3-month 1:1 Coaching Program

with Tara Todras-Whitehill


Don't just hire a visual storyteller BECOME one.

  • Are you a communications professional who works on social impact issues?

  • Do you want to tell an amazing story with photos or video?

  • Are you frustrated that your photos don’t convey the emotion of what you see right in front of you?

  • Up your game as a communications professional. Your stories deserve to be engaging.

  • Get your audience to feel connected. It’s time your hard work makes a bigger impact!

Interested in finding out how I can help you and your organization?

my Story

Hi, my name is Tara Todras-Whitehill

I’m an award-winning photojournalist and storyteller.

When I was 28 years old, I moved to the Middle East to become a photojournalist. I landed in Beirut on February 14th, 2005. Ten hours later, a massive car bomb went off and killed the former Lebanese minister Rafik Hariri. Right then, I had to make a decision: Run toward the massive explosion or run away. I ran toward it. I took a lot of pics at the scene of the bombing, but I couldn't sell even one photo to the news agencies. Why? I had a couple of good images of the attack, BUT I didn’t know how to tell the whole story of what was happening around me. I was disappointed but not discouraged. After a lot of hustle, two years later I became a staff photographer with the Associated Press. My job focused on breaking news and I honed my storytelling chops. But I wasn’t doing what I loved -- I wasn’t able to spend time working deeply on a project. So after several years I quit and started a creative media agency that helped NGOs tell more impactful visual stories.

My company created media projects to help our clients get maximum impact for their stories. We did some amazing work -- and if it's something you can afford, I can help you do it in a heartbeat. BUT while I was running my company I realized many organizations simply didn’t have the time or resources to include my team in their communications plan.

They wanted to create a visual strategy with the team they already had.

I realized there was a way to help from within. I could teach these companies’ communications professionals how to become excellent visual storytellers.


I have over a decade of experience telling impactful visual stories. And now I want to help you.

I will give you the skills necessary to become a better visual storyteller so you can go out and create content that beautifully reflects the work you are doing -- you’ll be set to generate compelling content EVERY DAY. I'll work with you to create schedules to put out these visual stories on your channels. Imagine you make 50 posts that will get 100 views, 10 that get 1,000 views, and a handful that go viral because you knew how to capture an amazing story perfectly. Wouldn't that be incredible? I wish I had that kind of support when I landed in Beirut -- and now you can have me!

50 Posts Get
10 Posts Get
A Handful Go VIRAL

Do you get how to do instagram stories well? If the answer is no you aren’t alone!

And it’s not easy to find good examples to emulate. Here is a short video where I walk through two different good stories and why they are impactful.

Play Video


The NY Times, The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, the International Rescue Committee, UNICEF, the Associated Press and Reuters, among many others.


but You're thinking

  • I’m not a photographer. I can sometimes take a few good snaps but I’ve never figured out how to make a compelling narrative through my pictures.

  • I know a fantastic visual story when I see it, but it's not easy to do it myself or convey to my team what I want.

  • My job is so overwhelming I don’t know have the time to create good visuals.

  • Sometimes my stories don’t lend themselves to good visuals… so I just do without.

  • I'm frustrated that most people only spend a few seconds looking at my stories.

Does this sound like you? That is where I come in...

I know how to make a great story

Become the visual storyteller you were always meant to be

Private Coaching

Are you part of a small communications team or flying solo? Are you trying to pull off miracles on a budget? In these cases, you can create amazing work with private coaching, which will not only elevate your organization but also give you the skills to be a better communicator.

I will create the best program based on your skills, needs, and availability.


3 month coaching

  • Two hour initial intensive to assess our priorities for building your visual storytelling skills
  • One hour, twice monthly support sessions
  • Email support between sessions
  • WhatsApp or Voxer support Monday-Friday
  • *this is my most popular coaching program. If the timeline or items here don't exactly match what you need we will customize it for you and your team!

month 1

  • How to identify the elements of a visual story

  • Learn basic Facebook and Instagram skills that can easily integrate into your work flow

  • How to align your storytelling with your organization's mission and values

  • How to best fit your NGO’s brand in a visual story

  • How to get authentic stories by applying journalist ethics

  • How to best reach your audience

month 2

  • How and when you can get the best visual assets each month

  • Basic photo techniques relevant to your organization's needs

  • How to capture emotional moments for your stories

  • How to prepare for shoot days, either in the field or at the office

  • How to work with vulnerable populations and still get good photos and video

month 3

  • How to coordinate your team or colleagues so you can scale what you've learned

  • How to schedule your stories and on what mediums

  • How to do basic videography -- working with what equipment you have

  • How to work with other visual media assets outside of photo and video

I am only taking a limited number of one-on-one coaching clients because I want to make sure you get the attention you deserve.

I also create exclusive seminars for companies &

workshops for communications professionals.

spots are by application only

Please schedule a 30-minute consultation with me to determine if this program is right for you.


How can this program help me as a communications professional?

I know many communications officers that are good writers but struggle with visual storytelling. If this is you, this program will broaden your skills and help you bring in more value to your organization.


When can I expect results?

I’m not going to lie to you and say that you will be a fantastic photographer or videographer overnight, but there are a lot of skills we can put into action immediately.

What if I start the program and decide it isn’t for me?

If you've put in the work and don’t feel like you’ve gained anything in the first three weeks, then I will fully refund your money. I strongly believe that these skills will help you professionally, and I want to make sure people who are doing good in the world are getting tangible results. This is at the heart of what I am doing.

What if an emergency prevents me from attending a session?

Of course, life happens! And although we hope those problems won’t arise, I’ll be happy to work with you to reschedule a meeting.

What happens if I don’t sign up for your coaching program?

You will continue to live, breathe and be good at your job!

But it will get harder -- the media landscape is changing rapidly and if you don’t know how to create good visual storytelling, captivating an audience will only get more difficult.


I’m only keeping a few slots opened so I can make sure to give all my clients the individual attention they deserve.

You've gotten this far. STILL IN THE DARK?

So is this program worth it? You're the only one who can decide that.

I can work with your communications team either with one-on-one consulting sessions or two-day seminars at your workplace. We will get to the heart of your story, and help your team create imagery, videos, newsletters and social posts that will elevate your work. It’s an exciting time!

I take a bow and leave. My job is done!

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