10 Coronavirus Visuals Guaranteed To Make You Less Stressed

During this period of social distancing, visual tonics might just be the prescription that everyone can use a healthy dose of.

After all, a smile or a laugh can be more contagious.

Air hugs!

This sketch coming from Paris reminds us that necessary human contact can be creatively altered.

Do as I say, not as I do!

A compilation from politicians on the importance of not touching your face…while, um, touching their face.

Friendly Bitmoji Reminders

Don’t just command your loved ones with words, send them an animated cutesy version of yourself (still technically ordering them around).

20 Seconds

Do we all know that now? Humming ‘Happy Birthday’ twice while washing your hands is roughly the amount of time needed to properly clean off all those germs. DO IT!


🖐🤚 + 💧+ 🎂🎵 @who ##coronavirus ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fyp

♬ Happy Birthday (Samba Version) – Karaoke – Best Instrumentals

The pop song!

Try getting this catchy diddy from Vietnam out of your head, while washing your hands!

TikTok: Corona Edition

While you’re stuck at home, you can try your hand at the viral dance (from the song above). Who knows, you might just go viral yourself!

Listen to your Nonna!

If you ever needed an Italian grandma to soothe your fears — you’re welcome. She also happens to have some excellent advice for you too!

The Simpsons predicts the Coronavirus

The Simpsons are at it again. It’s fascinating how many future events they got right.

Wash your hands in style

Iranian theater actor, Danial Kheirikhah, shows us how to thoroughly wash our hands — all without uttering a word. Beautifully done!


Needs No Introduction…

Know your meme

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