Instagram is the visual storyboard that everyone carries around in their pocket. But trying to keep content fresh and engaging can be an overwhelming experience. And Instagram stories is no longer optional if you want to grow an audience and brand loyalty, you must be ready to keep stories going on a regular basis. I know I can get bogged down on what to post, and I find that sometimes my ideas go stale.

However, one way I keep from getting discouraged in those moments is by finding inspiration from others who are producing high-quality visual content. Sometimes we need our creative batteries recharged.

Here are some examples I’ve come across so far this year that have made me stop and think about my stories in a different way!

One very cool branding I’ve come across so far this year is a Bandersnatch-esque, choose-your-own-adventure, stories series from Samsung to promote its new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 + 5G. The series is an innovative and interactive story that leads you on a wild goose chase after someone who grabbed your suitcase. Check it out here.

The Spark Camera app is an easy way to make impressive stories using your phone. The footage you record can be stitched together and edit it in-app, making a cohesive cinematic-quality story. 

I’ve been following Jesse Driftwood for a little while. He’s a super content producer, and like many of his followers, I’m gripped with the way he produces his stories. They tick all the boxes that standout content should be - engaging, high quality, and creative. His stories are engaging and more often than not I end up watching from beginning to end – something that doesn’t always happen. You know what I mean - we often swipe off before a friend’s story has finished. He’s always sharing helpful tips and offers online courses (which I haven’t tried, full disclosure). 

Vimeo just released its latest tool  - Vimeo Create. Create is supposed to help storytellers produce quick and easy “high impact social videos”. They aim to make the short video form accessible to all types of businesses/brands by providing templates and editing services - essentially a one-stop-shop. It’s still in its beta form so they are still working out the kinks. I’m excited to see what it does!

I’m interested in how you make your stories. Please share your tips and tricks!

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