Holiday Gift Guide for Visual Storytellers

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Even the most gifted storytellers appreciate tools and support to bring their ideas to life. From imagination to creation, a visual story grows richer when provided with a good mix of motivation, resources, and opportunities.

We’ve given a lot of thought to the best presents to excite professionals – or those who just want to tell a good tale to entertain friends and family.

P.S.  We think these are great gifts for ourselves, too.

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  1. Brainstorming for fun and games

As a story prompt tool, the Storymatic Classic Storytelling Card Game works in more scenarios than you can imagine: to write your future novel, break the ice at a meeting, brainstorm with your creative team, or even set the stage for a proposal. Just remember to follow the fun and allow the ideas to grow. 540 cards, trillions of card combinations, plus wild cards to mix things up. $29.95

  1. Collaboration for getting work done

Creative thinking is all about seeing how things fit together. Invision Pro is the productivity platform for visual thinkers and creators, which easily gives everyone on the team a voice to participate. As a virtual whiteboard, it is a space for messy collaborative work with templates to organize all ideas.  Starts at $48 (annual subscription) and comes with the “Design Better” book series and podcast.

  1. For (constantly) writing copy that pops

Wondering what to write on your blog, social media posts, or newsletters? The 130 Content Story Starter Personality Prompts & Segues is a handy source for that. It has guides, templates, and an idea bank to keep your writing wheels going. It includes a how-to guide, copy crafting tutorial, and access to future templates that guide you on how to integrate your voice, talking points, and offers. $49

  1. Sparking the imagination: 
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In Syllabus (Notes from Accidental Professor), author Lynda Barry turns her highly popular writing workshop for nonwriters into a visual plan for finding one’s creative voice. Styled with yellow-lined pages densely packed with stories and advice within collaged text doodles, the book is part inspiration, part wild ride, and part method for creativity. $22.95

  1. Crafting video narratives: 

School of Motion’s Crafting Visual Essays (The New Yorker Series) tackles the decisions made by the series creator, Joe Donaldson, in creating his award-winning short films. It goes through the conceptual development, process, and techniques to craft the visual essays on Leonard Cohen, Janelle Monae, and David Attenborough. Production gems such as video walkthroughs, mood boards, storyboards, and project files come with the course. $79.00

  1. Building relationships with visual storytellers around the world 
Photo of Charles Mingus quote from (Society for News Design website).

For visual journalists, membership in the Society of News Design can make a huge impact.  From members-only events, sessions, and competitions, to access to portfolio reviews and mentoring, the benefits stem from a community committed to an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive. Starts at $110, annual membership fee

  1. The magic of live storytelling 

What’s more invigorating than being in the company of other storytellers? Try being surrounded by thousands of story lovers in a one-of-a-kind festival, a diverse selection of master storytellers, and 100 hours of stories across several stages. Next year, the annual National Storytelling Festival kicks off in historic Jonesborough, Tennessee. Tickets start at $50.00.

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