I’m a visual storyteller… should I care about Clubhouse?

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What is it?

For those of you unfamiliar with the Clubhouse app, think of it as a platform for hosting interactive podcasts. Discussions happen in “rooms”, and the audience can (at the host’s discretion) join the chat. It’s like a conference panel, where a moderator can bring an audience member up on stage. It’s audio-only; no pictures, no memes, no “likes” or imaginary internet points. And as of right now, it’s only available on Apple iPhones and iPads.

“But, Tara,” I hear you cry, “I’m a film-maker! You’re a photographer! This whole blog, your whole life, is about visual storytelling! What’s the point in us joining yet another social media network, and especially one which doesn’t even have pictures!?!?!?”

First off, put down the exclamation points. Clubhouse can be a powerful tool for networking and self-promotion. For instance… follow my Visual Storytelling Club.

There are also rooms discussing the latest photography kit, or communications professionals talking about planning their next big event. (In my next blog post, I’ll be highlighting some of the rooms, clubs, and people you should be following). In the meantime, wander around the app! You’ll find yourself surrounded by some well-known professionals and industry executives. You can’t send messages on Clubhouse, but profiles are can be linked to Instagram and Twitter for that — which is not a bad way to get a social media boost.

There are workshops and rooms specifically for feedback. Raise your virtual hand to ask a question. Boom. New audiences opening up right in front of you. New clients, new collaborators.

It’s a great place to find advice. You can start your own room with a question you need answered, and others will inevitably help you out. The connections you can make are interesting, unpredictable – and quick. Why not host a Q&A session, teach a short class, or start a club yourself?

Here’s the walkthrough I first used. Although new updates are happening all the time. For instance, you can now embed links to your profile and club.

At the moment, you can only join with an invite. Each member gets two invites, so ask around your friends (I currently have a few so get in contact with me if you’re interested). The more you use Clubhouse, the more invites you’ll get. It’ll go public soon enough, though (I’m old enough to remember when you could only get a Gmail address with an invite!), so download the app in advance and reserve your username before the rush.

It does seem like Clubhouse has gone to some lengths to counter the negative aspects of other social networks. Trolls can be quickly de-platformed and reported – though I suppose there’s little to stop them forming their own Parler-style clubs and echo-chambers on the Clubhouse platform..

There’s a time when social media goes bad. When all the trolls took over Twitter. When your mom started using Facebook. When Reddit’s AMA drama went down. If you want to enjoy Clubhouse during its first golden age, the time to join is now.

And just because I’m so good to you, here’s some club house music that I was listening to while writing this post…

Have you tried Clubhouse? Come find me @TaraTW, or tweet at me: @TaraTW. Or join our Master Visual Storytelling group, and chat about it there!



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