“Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.”

- Robin Moore, author

Hi, my name is Tara Todras-Whitehill

I'm the CEO of TaraTW Visual Storytelling Agency

Do you want your stories to be impactful and affect real change?

I’m an award-winning storyteller, and I'm passionate about changing the world through powerful visuals.

I have had my work featured on over 20 front pages of the New York Times and ran my own creative agency for six years. For over a decade I've worked with top NGOs and news organizations to tell their stories in compelling ways.

And now, I've created my company to help others become effective storytellers.

We want you and your team to build those skills, and can help, starting today.


The NY Times, The World Bank, the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation, Amnesty International, The Associated Press and UNDP, among many others.

Visual storytelling: This is how we work together

1-1 Exclusive Coaching

Exclusive sessions with me for 3 months to hone your visual storytelling chops.

Storytelling Workshops

Bespoke storytelling workshops for you and your team.

1 Day Seminar

1-day seminars with like-minded communications professionals.

Don't just hire a visual storyteller, BECOME one.

  • Learn how to use Facebook and Instagram stories effectively

  • Learn how to integrate visual storytelling into your workflow

  • Learn the most powerful ways to take photos and videos

  • Learn how you can help everyone at your organization can become better visual storytellers

  • Learn how to engage your audience for maximum visual impact


It's time for you and your team to be the storytellers you were meant to be

Start here: is your social media telling the right visual story?

Hop on a call with me and I’ll give you some easy pointers to improve your online presence.

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Want to join a community of likeminded storytellers?

Join my Master Visual Storytelling group &

be supported, encouraged, excited and engaged.

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