Improving Your Visual Storytelling Skills In 2020

Education as we know it has been disrupted, no longer do you have to be location dependent to enrich yourself.

So many virtual channels offer great resources that can be accessed anywhere in the world. It’s certainly an exciting time to be alive!

Popular sites like Udemy and Creative Live have really changed the creative game.

Coronavirus Effect?

Online learning has never been more important than it is today.

Considering that many conferences and workshops are being canceled due to the spread of the coronavirus, we should be considering a virtual learning environment our new normal.


Sometimes I just need to be held accountable. What does that mean? I know I do my best work when I’m in a collaborative environment.

Having someone giving me feedback is an invaluable process.


I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I love Facebook groups!

I’m in a few and the creators are always going live or giving virtual workshops. They are experts in their field, giving away free knowledge!

If you join my Facebook group, Master Visual Storytelling, you can bet that I’m doing the same. You can even check out my latest series on creating your best visual story.

My workshops are on topics like old and new ways of telling visual stories and keeping your visual stories optimistic

What I Offer

In my coaching sessions, I offer both one-on-one, and workshop (either virtual or in-person) opportunities.

I help improve, tweak, or do a complete overhaul on your visual storytelling skills. Here are some of things that I assist in.

Social Media Support

I audit your social media and make sure that you are portraying the right message to your audience.

We all know that social media is an essential marketing tool, and we need to hone the image we put out to the public.

Integrate Visual Storytelling Into Your Workflow

In my coaching sessions and workshops, I teach simple ways that my

can incorporate and streamline visual storytelling into your weekly productivity.

What Are The Most Powerful Ways To Take Video And Photos

When you learn what visuals get the most exposure, telling your story will flow easier, and make the process of choosing visuals less stressful.

Help Others In Your Organization Become Better Visual Storytellers

Don’t just hire a visual storyteller, become one!

Engage Your Audience and Maximize Your Call To Action

You have approximately three seconds to grab someone’s attention online, so make those seconds count. The right visuals will get you there, and help you get that message out to a wider audience.

Who I Help

I’m passionate about helping people and organizations that are here to change the world.

Through powerful visuals, I know the potential that NGOs and social impact organizations can reach. I’ve spent my career working alongside some of the top organizations in the world, I know what a powerful image or video can do.

Still, I’m confident that even photojournalists and photographers who need a top off of their skills, can find benefit as well – whether its reorganizing their workflow to strategizing their social media, or fine tuning their audience.

Drop A Line

If you would like to discuss one-on-one coaching or setting up a workshop don’t hesitate to contact me for further information! Or if you want to tell me what a wonderful day you’re having, that can work too! 

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